NFT marketplace for $FTM ecoystem bluechips and active NFT projects with a twist.

Purchases are all in $CONK. 75% of sales go to the seller of the item, while 25% of sales are reserved to go back to the $CONK ecosystem in the form of either token burning or providing liquidity for the community - whatever is needed most in the moment (percentages are after 3% platform fee on transactions).

At inception, the $CONKetplace is very simple, much like V1 of the Wovven redemption marketplace. An initial set of wallets will be approved for listing NFTs for sale to ensure that quality pieces are being listed, and to see if it's worth justifying forking the currently-in-development V2 Wovven market to $CONK, which has many more features and acts like a traditional secondary market where users can buy, sell, and auction freely amongst themselves.

The goal here is to give $CONK another use case that provides back for its community while also encouraging sales volume for the rich FTM NFT ecosystem.

Community Auctions and Collection Pages coming soon.


Stake your NFTs from edgetechnician, our friends, and notorious rugs across the $FTM ecosystem to earn $WOVV.

$WOVV is a valueless token used as a reward for those that have supported this journey.

More utility is coming -- including the first $WOVV mint for Boom! Anime Babes.

Tokenomics for V2 are in development.


Redeem your earned $WOVV by purchasing NFTs from those who are still here and working hard on providing for our community.

Collect pieces from active collections in the space, special pieces from friends, exclusive 1-to-1 pieces, and more with every piece being provided by profits from our NFT collections and donations from our incredible community members.

$WOVV auctions coming soon for artists and collectors.


The fuck? Why? Well, it helps our platform purchase cool shit to provide to the marketplace, pays for operational costs, and gives you another source to earn more $WOVV.

Cyclical as hell, isn't it?